Jeju is proud of its unique cultural folk heritage as well as its geographical and historical relevance.

The island itself is an extinct volcano with its peak jutting skyward at the center and a broad, gentle littoral all the way around showing a very unique geographical condition. There are bountiful forests and ravines, fantastic rock formations and volcanic craters, and caves and grasslands that together paint a natural scene of breathtaking beauty. Sparkling seas and tiny islets surround Jeju, with rocks scattering amidst sandy beaches to create a magnificent view everywhere you look.

In June 2007, the volcanic island and lava tube cave systems were designated as UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites for their natural beauty and geographical value. Jejudo Island is not only Korea’s most prestigious destination and top honeymoon spot, but it has been the venue for several political joint summit talks and other major international meetings.

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Jeju Island An Island of Sky and Sea

Untouched Beauty – Volcanic Island full of Allure

Past volcanic activity has carved out an extensive series of lava caves and sea caves all around this beautiful island. Just off the coastlines are 8 inhabited and 53 uninhabited islands scattered throughout the emerald-blue sea.

Recreation Haven

There are many unique recreation options offered to its visitors in addition to hiking, including scuba diving to windsurfing and paragliding. The island’s stunning scenery and well-laid-out roads make biking a particular popular sport as well.

Leisure Paradise at sea, land and sky

A volcanic island that has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2007 offers various activities from Lava Tube System Tours to cycling at Udo Island. Those who love the water can spend the day swimming, scuba diving or surfing at one of the many beaches on the island or for movie affectionados, there are several sites where Korean movies and dramas have been filmed.

Luxury or Budget, as you please

There are luxury but also budget two day trips designed to meet the visitors expectations for their money’s worth. The trip includes trip to the Teddy Bear Museum, Folk Village Museum, Lunch at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak to name a few stops.

Luxurious vs Quirky – Hotel Experiences

Jeju island has plenty of accommodation options available from 5 stars to boutique hotels to guest houses. Some are over the top spectacular while others can provide the chance of a lifetime to experience a unique and quirky stay.

Taste of Jeju

As an island with a long history of fishing, Jeju Island is known for delicacies made with fresh and savory seafood caught right from the waters surrounding Jejudo Island. The chewy taste of the famed black pork is also a known trademark of island along with number of dishes using horsemeat.