◎ Pre-conference (2nd ARM Forum)

Pre-conference (The 2nd Advanced Regenerative Medicine Forum 2022) is organized by Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Foundation (RMAF).

– Date: October 5 (Wed)
– Time: 09:30~12:00
– Venue: Halla Hall, 3F, ICC Jeju
– Online Application: https://forms.gle/vEDCaFCEFZGPN6uEA

◎ Luncheon Seminar (Xcell Therapeutics)fully booked: Sold Out

Limited to the first 100 participants the lunch boxes will be served.

– Date: October 6 (Thu)
– Time: 12:10~12:50
– Venue: Samda Hall, 3F, ICC Jeju

– Title: Innovative Method for Cell Culture Media Development

– Speaker: Dr. Jooyoun Alice Lee (Xcell Therapeutics, Republic of Korea)

– Description: The way to develop culture media is to analyze existing commercial media through reverse engineering tools, which required a lot of cost and time. Our platform technology called CAMP can innovatively reduce development cost and time. Using CAMP, it is possible to maintain the unique properties of each cell during the proliferation without animal derived components such as FBS. CAMP can select and provide optimum ACF(Animal Component Free) Essential to various cell type, and It shows superior performance compared to FBS media or commercial serum free media.