We invite students and young researchers to participate in our SYIS activities at the 2022 TERMIS-AP Conference.


The SYIS Council is planning the following events and activities at the conference:

– Awards for best posters and talks 

– SYIS Mentoring session

– Social Networking

– SYIS co-chairing sessions


The definitions for students and young investigators (SYIS) per TERMIS are as follows:

  • Student: A student is any individual who is engaged as a full-time graduate or undergraduate, in a university or college program and is actively involved in research in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • Young Investigator: Young Investigators are defined as persons who are employed in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, who have been either awarded a doctoral degree within the past three (3) years or are working as researchers and have less than seven (7) years research experience following master’s degree. Young Investigators should not hold an appointment as faculty, academic staff or group leader in a university/research institute or in industry.
  • SYIS members are required to have their advisor/supervisor send a letter as proof of the bona fide status of the SYIS.


More information will be available soon.